We at The Journey Home Project realize that once a young man, or woman, signs on the dotted line and becomes one our nations finest, his or her life changes forever.

It is when their commitment to our great country ends, and it is time to come home, the true Journey of the soldier begins. The rehabilitation piece is overwhelmingly broad and all encompassing. Its spectrum ranges from horrific physical injuries to life changing emotional and mental challenges. It can be as simple as re-adapting to civilian life, to redefining your whole life as it relates to loved ones, your identity as a person, and as a functional human being in today’s complex society.

Who am I? What do I do now? Why am I different? Why is my family different?

There are great Americans across this nation that want to help answer these questions. Citizens that recognize the need, but also have the desire to assist, to support and to offer the hope, strength, and encouragement that these young men and women have earned. They laid their lives on the line for us…some gave that life.

The Journey Home Project is here to bring awareness and support to the many wonderful organizations that can help facilitate this ever-growing need.